NRA Show 2017

Audit your store in minutes, reduce loss and increase revenues by 10%.
Visit our booth (booth #6052) at the NRA Show to learn more.

Store owners and managers know that reinforcing best practices can go a long way toward improving store performance. With customized ‘watch-lists’ we provide a straightforward and fast method of keeping an eye on operations.

Deter and Detect Employee Theft
Retail experts estimate that between 4 percent and 11 percent of retail sales are lost annually to employee theft. While the vast majority of consumers and employees are honest, it only takes a few to start making a significant dent in your profits.

Stop Shrink Faster
Restaurants can use intelligent video surveillance to detect fraud sooner, stop it faster and ensure that their loss prevention policies are being followed. Clear video evidence can also play a critical role in successful prosecutions. Our intelligent loss prevention software helps protect your profits.

Video installations have transitioned from being reactionary administrative systems to proactive business tools delivering real-time intelligence that reduces losses and boosts profits. The Video Loss Prevention Solution delivers:

  • • Increased sales

  • • Reduced food costs (fewer stolen products)

  • • Improved speed of service (theft often increases transaction times)

  • • Reduced investigation time through automated email notifications of suspicious activity

Set up an appointment or stop by booth 6052 to learn how using a browser-based client that is fast and intuitive can help you audit stores in minutes, increase revenues by 10 percent or more, reduce investigation times by 75 percent and compile secure evidence quickly.


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